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Simon Rösner | Chopping Trees | A Life In Squash

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작성자 우드노트 작성일2023-10-03 12:07 조회140회 댓글0건


We're excited to share something special with you - an exclusive interview that’s as enlightening as it is inspiring, featuring the legendary Simon Rösner, or as he’s fondly known, 'The German Tree Chopper'.

Simon’s journey to the top of the sport saw him continually improve year on year as he became the most successful German player of all time. From his early days, with training sessions in Pakistan, to the European junior circuit and eventually, the big stage where he clinched the victory at TOC, every chapter of his story is a lesson in persistence, and hard work.

In the interview, Simon gets candid about the grind, the glory, and the moments in between. He shares insights from his training regime, the motivations that fuelled his journey, and the adaptation to life on tour post the birth of his son. It’s a narrative that’s as human as it is heroic, offering a holistic view of one of the best European players to have played the game.

This isn’t just an interview; it’s a conversation that reminds us all that continued hard work can lead to great success, as long as there is passion and dedication. It’s a narrative that’s rich with insights, anecdotes, and reflections that will fascinate and inform in equal measure.


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