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스쿼시 스킬스

Squash tips: Ghosting lines and patterns

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작성자 우드노트 작성일17-10-13 11:19 조회374회 댓글0건


Jesse explains how ghosting can be used as a technical exercise rather than solely focusing on fitness and introduces the 'rugby ball movement'. Watch full playlist: http://bit.ly/J3sseMove

One of the most in-depth playlists we've ever had on site, Jesse, former South African Number One, has an amazing understanding of the game and has clearly spent far too much time studying SquashTV.

Over the course of the series, you'll learn how to move correctly into both the front and back corners as well as across the middle. With improved movement, you'll save energy, get more balls back, get onto the ball quicker and create more opportunities to attack!

Watch the full playlist & take your movement to a whole new level this season....

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