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The View from Above - A Tribute To Malcolm Willstrop

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작성자 우드노트 작성일2021-05-05 08:31 조회3,259회 댓글0건


This is a sad time for squash. We have lost one of the game's greatest characters and the void left will be enormous. Malcolm was a 'maverick' and there has not been, and never will be a coach quite like him. Totally selfless and determined to get the best out of every player, Malcolm was unique in the way he approached teaching the game.

We were lucky enough to spend a great deal of time with him over the last few years. We made two documentaries about him; 'Do you know who I am' was an hour long interview with the man himself, and 'The View from Above' was a film about Pontefract in general, but really highlighted what made Malcolm such a special character.

The films highlighted Malcolm's passion for the game and offered amazing insight into how he approached his coaching. A no-nonsense attitude meant that he did not suffer fools gladly, it was however abundantly clear that he had a tremendous sense of humour and a genuine soft side.

Tony Smith highlighted the fact that it was so unique that a world-class coach could be working with top professionals, aspiring juniors, club players, and three-year-old toddlers, all in the same week.

Malcolm didn't care who you were, as long as you were there to work hard, listen and be respectful. In his own words - he "catered for everybody, and that's what life's about".

His success as a squash coach was down to fact that he was committed to his pupils, week-in, week-out, year after year. His legacy will see him remembered as quite possibly the most successful squash coach of all time, but he was much more than that...

The void left in Pontefract, and within the sport generally in England will be huge. The squash world has so much to thank Malcolm for. We'll be thinking of James, Vanessa, Christy and David, as well as all the people in Pontefract who's lives were so positively impacted by a wonderful man.

Rest in peace Malc.

If you'd like to watch the hour long interview with Malc, Do You Know Who I Am - Inside The Mind Of Malcolm Willstrop - is available for free on our website:

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