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The Knock Up With Tania Bailey - Trailer | SquashSkills

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작성자 우드노트 작성일2021-07-19 11:01 조회2,177회 댓글0건


Players often forget don't utilise the knock-up to its full capacity. It's an opportunity to get into a groove and understand more about the court, playing conditions, and ultimately your opponent!

In this week's brand new playlist former World Number 4 Tania Bailey offers up some incredible insight into how she thought about the knock-up when she played. She highlights some of the common mistakes that are made by amateurs and explains how to maximise the 5 minute period before the start of the game to ensure you are ready for action.

The knock-up is a great chance to set your stall out and get into a good headspace ready to start your match. Find out how to improve yours in this week's brand new series from one of the best British players to have played the game.

Watch the full playlist here:

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