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Squash Coaching: How to take on new information more effectively, with…

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Watch now: https://bit.ly/IME-HS

Learning a brand new concept can be challenging. We all know how frustrating it can feel to be working on something only to see our game go backward.

We need to acknowledge the fact that sometimes it’s tricky to take on new concepts and we also need to understand that circumstances don’t allow us to perform optimally at all times.

We have all been exposed to ways of learning that can be overly structured and formulaic and we need to realise that Intuition does not come from thinking, intuition comes from feeling.

With the help of this series from Hadrian Stiff, you’ll find that you release pressure and are able to take much more enjoyment from your squash.

You’ll learn how to create an optional learning environment with the space and the opportunity to be creative with the part of the game you are working on.

Watch now: https://bit.ly/IME-HS


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