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Squash Coaching: How To Add Deception To Your Game - With Alex Stait |…

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Watch now: https://bit.ly/DeceptionAS

Being able to send your opponent the wrong way is one of the most satisfying feelings you can have on a squash court!

People often confuse deception with head fakes and wrist flicks when in reality it’s really about racket preparation, spacing, and timing. If you get these things right you’re able to create options and in turn, sew the seed of doubt in your opponent’s mind.

Alex Stait, former US National Junior Coach, was one of the most deceptive players around. He had an incredible ability to make players look silly and send them to one corner, whilst hitting the ball to another.

We feel fortunate to work with him on this series, explaining all you need to know to start sending your opponent the wrong way!

This is a must-watch playlist for anyone who wants to add a bit more deception to their own game!

Watch now: https://bit.ly/DeceptionAS

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