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Unleash Your Volleying Potential - With Simon Rösner | Trailer

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작성자 우드노트 작성일2023-07-25 09:24 조회158회 댓글0건


Get ready to elevate your game to new heights by improving your ability to volley!

We're thrilled to introduce our latest video series on SquashSkills, featuring in-depth insights from the German Tree Chopper, none other than former World No. 3, Simon Rösner. This specially curated series is designed to improve your ability to volley, and offer tactical advice that will allow you to hunt the 'follow-up volley' when your opponent is in front of you.

From mastering volley technique to reading your opponents, Simon shares a wealth of tips drawn from his vast experience at the pinnacle of the PSA World Tour.

What you’ll learn:

✅ Use your physicality - find the right balance between playing at pace and slowing things down

✅How to control the T - Get the basics right in order to control the T.

✅ Create good rally structure- Create more opportunities to attack the volley.

✅ Importance of dying length - Why a dipping ball is crucial to hitting more volleys

✅ The importance of the follow up - Go short with confidence and jump on the next shot

✅ Make smart decisions when going short - Use the deceptive boast or tight drop to set up the opportunity to volley.

Don't miss out on this unique opportunity to learn from one of the game’s best volleyers, and take your game to a whole new level with the help of SquashSkills today.

Watch the full series with a SquashSkills membership ➡️ bit.ly/rosnervolley...

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